Music To Sleep

Sometimes I really feel hard to sleep.  Can say a kind of insomnia experience. Even sometimes I keep awake for more than 48 hours continuously and keep doing office works because I cannot shut my mind off.

The insomnia not only cause by psychological problem but also cause by the memories we gone through in the day time. Most of the time our mind won’t get sleep as easy as we think because it was practised to be alert and rushing in meet the date line for everything in our day to day life. Further smartphones, face books and many digital devices and medias now days pouring too many datas into our brain without our conscious. Its keep forcing us to be more updated and keep reminding us to establish our status in this corporate world. Even sometimes we forgot how to express our feeling to others and ignore the feelings of others.

Recently I found great way to overcome this sleepless night with some great music. I won’t suggest you to look for “sleep music” or “music for meditation” in music stores. It was not helped me actually. I think it just a marketing lie from record label.  The music I’m going to suggest is not only to make us sleep but also to keep our mind forget all the day time hassles and outside world.

Here is my choices and I can say it will be really a helpful suggestion for you all too. Lets get prepare for the travel through our inner peace. The more deeper you travel in, it will give more strength in the next morning.

1. First and my all time choice is Philip Glass’s Metamorphic.  It will really stop your mind from unwanted inner journey, help you for relaxation and slow breathing. Put your headphone with very low volume, turn off your lights and listen to it. For sure, this music will turn off your mind in few minutes. We fall in sleep while listening to this music means it’s not to say it is a boring. Most of the minimalist music will do the same. The reason is it actually relaxing your muscle, nervous and mind. Thats the reason we fall in sleep otherwise we will get irritate and shift to other music.


2. My second preference is Reflection by Jose Luis Bieito’s.  It is nearly sound like a lullaby for me, especially track “Carol Of The Bells”. I think it was composed by Steve Reich if not mistaken.


3. My Third Choice is Chinmaya Dunster’s Buddha Moon. This is a kind of music which definitely makes anyone be calm and peace in mind and soul..  Even I feel its giving confident and promises for the next morning.

buddha moon

4. Again another album from Chinmaya Dunster called Meditation Ragas. I love most the track name Heart Meditation.

meditation ragas

5. Ahmet Bulent Ekin’s Sufi’s Journey is Turkish Sufi Music. Not all Sufi music are really make us relax. Now days lot of music got released in the name of Sufi but this one for sure will make you relax and vanish the memories of the day time hassles and rushes.

6. One of my favorite for night time is George Harrison’s slow psychedelic music. It is very hard to get these music in any digital stores or physical stores as all the titles in this suggestion was released by ISCKON (popularly known as Hare Krishna).,,

george harrison hare krishna mantra govindam

7. Niall’s Tibet Spiritual Journey is another great album to get relax and of course will lead you to deep sleep.


8. Terry Riley’s Atlantis Nath is another good album in my collection for night time.  All the tracks in this album are sound like a spiritual music but I personally feel its somehow help us identifying our real nature and enlighten us spiritually (I didn’t mean religiously) that we are not born just to meet our financial needs.

atlantis nath

9. Michael Nyman’s Drowning by Numbers is definitely a great album in minimalist category. This album sound like contemporary classical music, however it has all the elements needed for minimalist music and won’t give you any shock in mid of your sleep. Those who heard Beethoven may aware what I mean here. 🙂  Listen to it as it won’t let your mind keep trapped in the day time.


10. Finally Flower Goddess I. It is a Chinese traditional music with very minimal instruments, performed by Shi Zhi-you, Qian OuYang and Xiu-Lan Yang.

flower goddess

But of course you cannot keep searching and changing the tracks in youtube while laying in the bed. The best option is Deezer. You can download the apps in your iPod touch or smartphones. It is just RM 14 per month in Malaysia and you can download unlimited tracks. Further, you can play it even in offline mode.  Even though my first choice is iTunes, I like Deezer most because it gives me opportunity to access to millions of tracks from all part of the world and the best thing is it providing you an option to search for similiar artist. Thats how I end up from Philip Glass to Michael Nyman’s Drowning By Numbers and Jose Luis Bieito’s Reflection.

Finally, if you still cannot sleep, find a psychiatric immediately.


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