Pulau Besar, Melaka

I went to Pulau Besar last Thursday, 19th March 2015 and returned back on 20th March 2015.  It was one of depressed period in my lifetime. Surrounded with lies and dishonesty. Some unethical pressmen in India defaming my name against the popular celebrities which they believe as God of Music. 🙂

They try to ruin my business and reputation. Even though many are still trusting, supporting and helping me to overcome this worst situation, my mind not settled and worried much on the future of my business and life.

My uncle Wilson, met me on Wednesday and invite me to visit Pulau Besar. I heard lot about it previously and some of my friend invited me previously but I have no intention to visit that place before. I was informed that the Tomb of Great Muslim Master Sultan Arifin Syaheed (Syeikh) Ismail is there and its giving mystic power for that place and we can attain great spiritual guidance in this place.

I was advised by some of my well-wishers to reveal the press and public the truth about the legal battle I’m facing in India and how the injustice was on me by “Music God” with his influence of popularity, politic and money. I keep refusing it as I don’t want to defame him for many reasons. Actually I pity of his current situation. But this call to Pulau Besar motivated me to reveal the truth. So I accepted it for first time because I thought this trip will relief me and give undisturbed time to prepare myself for the press release. The reason Im telling all these because I want you to understand what was my mental and emotional stage prior to visiting Pulau Besar and current. Otherwise you may not find the spirit of this island.

Before I write about Pulau Besar, I would like to mention here that I am not a muslim nor a Hindu. I dont believe in religious but still in search of God/ Truth (of course sometimes I have doubt of his existent). So please dont mistaken me if I write anything against any religious or beliefs. As I told I’m still in searching/learning process about God and Religious. If any wrong message shared by me, please enlighten me. So, I can learn and correct my self.

The popularity of the Island among Malaysian and Muslim in other part of the World are because of Sultan Ariffin Syaheed Ismail (r.a). Syaheed Ismail (r.a) is bloodline of Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) and he landed in Pulau Besar, Melaka from Bagdad after instructed by Nabi himself (through a mystic voice from his Tomb in Mekkah) about 750 years back (if not mistaken).  His assignment was to spread Islam in South East Asia.

Tomb Of Syaheed Ismail (r.a) Tomb Of Syaheed Ismail (r.a)

2015-03-20 07.38.48

Way To Tomb Way To Tomb

I started to believe in Sufism and Islam after I experienced a guidance from Shirdi Sai Baba. Majority of his followers claiming that Sai Baba is Hindu but based on his life story recorded by one of his friend/follower/devotees, I strongly believe Sai Baba must be a muslim even though he didnt revealed it either his birth and where he came from. But his life story and incidents revealed the truth of Sufism and Islam to me. From then on I start to explore more on Islam and Sufism.  Therefore I decided to visit his tomb in my current depressing situation. I also thought this visit and rest will help me to write a proper reply to all medias as instructed by my well-wishers. So I traveled to this “world” by disconnecting all my worldly contacts :-). How we can do that? Simply switch off your phone till you finish your journey. :-).

We traveled from Puchong to Melaka by car with guidance of Waze, a smartphone apps (of course my Uncle’s). You have to set your destination at Waze as “Ikan Bakar Umbai”, if you like to hire motorboats. The chargers was RM 100 for return. Or you can go to Anjung Batu Jetty at Melaka Raya to take ferry. It will cost only RM 14. For more details you can visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulau_Besar_(Malacca).

It takes only about 5 – 10 mins to reach the island. Ya, I forgot to mention, Pulau Besar is small Island in Melaka, Malaysia. We took a van once reached the island and reached the Tomb of Sheikh Ismail (r.a), in less than 5 mins. From there we walked to almshouse called Wakaf Sultan Arrifin which is located few meter from the tomb. And all these places located exactly at seashore. Just in few steps you can steep your feet into the sea.

You can stay at almshouse for free. No bed or air condition. Fans and lights will be turn on at 7pm. They will provide you breakfast, Lunch, Tea break and Dinner. All for free and unconditional. All you need to do is, just wake up at proper lunch time, dinner time and breakfast. :). However we donate RM 50 each for curtesy. Or you can stay in your own camp or you can rental from any camp providers in surrounding area. Free to do BBQ and any other activities (of course not something illegal or immoral :).) There is nice chalet also there. I saw only one resort providing the chalet facilities. D’Puteri Kurnia Resort.  Lot of small stalls and restaurants in surrounding area but the food provided by the almshouse are most delicious. Don’t expect varieties. It is very simple foods. Morning we ate fried mee, Lunch we have no idea as we reached there after lunch and leave the place before lunch. Dinner just a bowl of rice with 1 piece of mutton curry. Thats it. But the taste still in my tongue. The almshouse is maintained by some Indian Muslims who settled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thats what I have been told.

2015-03-20 07.25.142015-03-20 07.24.35

Wakaf Sultan Arrifin Wakaf Sultan Arrifin
Camp Rental Camp Rental

After few minutes of rest at almshouse, I walked along the seashore and in jungles till 7pm (i guess) and there after I took my bath at the public toilet cum bathroom. I found  there is 2 public toilets. One is near Mosque and Tomb and another one is at almshouse. Both are very clean. You have to pay RM 1 for bath.

After my dinner, I went to a very quite and nice place with small and long wall which located exactly at seashore. I sit over there and turned on my iPod, created a playlist of best Sufi songs which I never enjoyed previously. Frankly to say my life changing experience happened there. Till 12am I was drowning into the sufi music. Will write separately my life changing experience which I think it must driven from the music I listened. However, even though I already had all those music in my iPod since many months and years, I never got this kind of enlighten previously. Im not sure whether its the music or the environment or the spiritual power of the island as the locals’ believe.

2015-03-19 22.56.29

Music Music

All my preparation for press statement and about revealing the truth of my legal battle got vanished. Believe me. I realised that I no more bother about anything, only after my uncle try to comfort me. He worried watching me sitting at seashore in dark night and simply staring the un-visible sea. He though Im in sorrow but

actually I was in euphoria and it is still continue in me till to date. Hoping It should continue till my life end :-). I never felt the same in any other places I visited before. This one is far more enjoyable than Varanasi.

At 12am, we went to the Tomb and I sat on meditation. Mr. Kumar https://www.facebook.com/kumaran.krishnen?fref=ts taught me a simple way of meditation and I practised that for first time at the tomb. Okay, before I continue, I’m advising you that if you not believe in this story, please read some other useful things :-).

I tried to pray, asked for wish but I was incapable of doing so as a kind of peacefulness surrounded my mind/ heart. Just a deep and wonderful silence I can noticed in me.

A emptiness which not harmed me. A loneliness which not depressed me. A distance from every surrounding thing which not made me felt alone. I can feel the same while writing this. A complete Stillness in mind. My only wish which I can effort at that time is “Let me be in this stage of mind forever”.

Sad thing is many of my Hindu friends throwing flowers, rose waters and some placed the water bottles with the belief that the water will get a mystic energy if it let be there till morning. All such rituals and prayers are prohibited there but they still keep doing it. Paying respect to the tomb of great muslim masters are allowed in Islam (i guess so) and of course in Sufism. But praying to the tomb is prohibited. We have to respect other’s religious belief and tradition. In Malaysia, sufism was banned however they allow any to sit at muslim master’s tomb and allow as to show our respect but we taking more advantage on this.

2015-03-20 10.33.31

There is many tombs in that island with 100 stories. I dont believe in that all. It maybe a historical place. Some say it is birth place of Malay martial arts. And the Hindu visiters, visiting all those tombs and did rituals there. However I don’t like to call them as Hindu as I never saw any such ritual at any Hindu Master Tombs or even in any temples. It is all looks like a black magic practice for me.  Sorry guys, I’m not try to hurt your feelings. My question is who taught all these or which religious instruct you to do so? You are giving a negative perception about Hindu in Malaysia.  And even some Indian Muslims friends encouraging and allowing them to do so. They might have no choice, I guess.

Of course everyone can find their own path and ritual for their spiritual journey and I have no rights to question that but we have no right to trespass other’s belief, religious and tradition. Hope I’m right.

I bought a book about the island and about Sultan Ariffin Sheikh Ismail (r.a) but I’m not completed yet. So, till now I dont know much about his teaching and messages. He landed and settled this land with 43 people including his wife. But no one in this place or even any historical writers know about their bloodline after them.

At night, after the tomb visit, I find hardly to sleep because too many mosquitoes as I wore only a short and t-shirt and no blanket. I got up every hour. Finally I got up at 5am and after my bath I went to a rock under a big tree at seashore. I lay on the rock and simply listening to birds sound and sea wave until 8am.

2015-03-20 07.23.17

Morning Morning

After the breakfast at almshouse, I took a guide, rent a motorbike and visited other places in this island. The bike rental is RM 15 per hour. Camp rental I think RM 70 per night. It was an adventurous bike riding :-). If you are weak heart, please walk, dont rent the bike. :-).  We went to Yunos Cave. I heard it is where Yunos, meditate. I dont know yet who is him. Need to learn.  There is big footmark on rock at the hill inside the jungle. Some saying it is God Hanuman’s footmark. I dont know whether it is man made or gift by nature. Many wells are there. No idea whether that too a man made or natural. However many was destroyed by ritual activities. We found one in deep jungle. There too I can see some trace of ritual activities been performed. The seashore at other part (opposite of the seashore where the tomb was placed) is very beautiful and never been explored much by humans. A small black lake was there with lot of red fish and many more nature surprises are there.

2015-03-20 10.19.512015-03-20 10.18.292015-03-20 09.45.172015-03-20 09.42.522015-03-20 09.42.552015-03-20 09.47.40  2015-03-20 10.16.42

2015-03-20 08.16.08 Jungle Tracking
Camp Camp

2015-03-20 09.49.16

Yunos Cave Yunos Cave

Pulau Besar is definitely a great place for jungle tracking. I dont know why Tourism Malaysia never promote this site. However if it is visited by thousand traveler and pilgrimages, definitely the beauty of nature and silence of the jungle will lost in human crowd and rubbish.

Pulau Besar also a great place for camp fire and Meditation. All the spiritual places I visited previously is purely spiritual but this one surrounded with undisturbed nature, birds sounds and sound of sea wave.

This land can awaken your “nature”. There is no need of heavy practice  and sacrifices in religious ways to attend Nirvana or Moksha. Pulau Besar simply can grant you that pleasure (I think the pleasure of Moksha must be like this. Correct me if someone already attained Moksha.

I returned to my homeland with full of joy, unconditional love, forgiveness, humbleness. Moreover a courage to go through all the awaiting future struggles.

While I was sat for a while after my dinner at almshouse, I saw a kid around age 3-5 carried a medium size ball and climbed the stairs of the almshouse. In half way the ball dropped accidently from his hand while he tried to climb the higher stair. I thought he will no more interested in the ball as he already saw his mother. After think a while, he ran down, took the ball and climbed again. The climbing is hardest for him as the stairs are higher for his size. When he almost going to reach, he mistakenly left the ball again. This time it dropped in little distant from the stairs. Without thinking twice he ran down and caught the ball and climbed again but this time, he purposely dropped the ball in halfway and ran back to get it. I shocked. Will I do? Will I ready to take the pain and struggle again by letting away this “ball” purposely? Do I have the courage to let go everything even my business? No, because I believing its harder to achieve those back and due to my experiences, I know what is the worth of these achievement.

But this boy showed me nothing is hard, nothing is end. I have to take this as a game. No need to feel worried when lost in and I should not stop the game as well. It is my game and I should enjoy it. Courage and Childish, yes thats what I need in this life. What a message? The small kid tough me about life without any boring and routine advices. I should trademark this “Courage & Childish” 🙂

For more information about visiting Pulau Besar



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