Jala Lingam, the love transmitter.

I found this place through https://www.malaysia-traveller.Com while I search for some hiking places in Malaysia.

It is a Siva temple inside the cave at Bukit Charas, Pahang. I thought the Lingam in this temple will be under water or some kind of water container as the name say Jala (water) Lingam (the Formless Form of Shiva). Amazingly it is situated under a rock which dripping natural water from the cave directed exactly at the center of the Lingam. Usually, people place an object on top of Lingam and it will keep dripping the water on Lingam. Here, this natural arrangement but of course the Lingam is not natural, is a wonderful view.

I traveled with my friend Thanabalan to this place using Waze and it will cost you about RM 200, I guess, if by car from Kuala Lumpur. It is in Panching and there is no restaurant nearby.

The Jala Lingam is about 7 feet tall. Even though if there are big crowds, it still able to transfer a silence mode into us. I think all the caves have this noise canceling and ambient sound environment. This place gave me the meditative state just by entering in.

In Thiruvannamalai and here in Gua Charas, I felt the Lingam transmitting a love which I never experienced before. Shook me, transmitted me to the state of ’concentrate high’ without meditation. I called it love because I felt to hug the Lingam and perform my own prayer rituals. My friend Thanabalan once told me that the best way to worship Lingam is by hugging. In Thiruvannamalai, it is restricted, here I hugged. I don’t know whether it’s permitted; and I didn’t ask for permission, even from the Jala Lingam. I just hugged. That’s totally a different kind of experience. We can feel something pass through us and vibrate around us. Am I extravagating? Okay, it is a good place to relax, concentrate and for mindfulness.

You can meditate near the Lingam or you can go further inside. I explored a lot inside and found it is a great place to meditate. I found a good place with chairs near a Buddhist prayer place. You will find places where water can drip straight on top of your head every second or totally isolated but safe place. I went there around March 2018 and there are some renovation and constriction going on. Maybe soon they will destroy the peace there or maybe will make more convenient.







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