5 places and foods you must try in Chennai

I’m not a foody person. Never bother about taste and price. However, these 5 are my favorites for their taste and price. Precaution; it might not hygienic to everyone,

1. ’Mini Tiffent’ in Saravana Bhawan.

Every morning starting with sweet ’kesari’ will feel like the whole day will be filled with sweetness. It comes with 9 small Idlies in Sambar, small Masala Tosai, ghee filled sweet Kesari and Pongal. Adding a strong filter coffee, less sugar at the end will cherish your morning. Be cautious with Sugar. They will kill you with it. Finally, they taste different vary by their branches. I prefer Venkataraman Street Saravana Bhawan.

2. Marina Beach Food Stall

It may look like poor on hygienic even the people who serve the food too look a like because it is slum area mainly populated by fisherman’s family. But the food is ’terribly’ taste. I love it a lot. Spicy and no vegetarian items and mostly seafood. I tried something they called ’Elli Fish’. I tried to google it but cannot find the right name for it. It tastes a bit like shrimp and crab. Best choice to have together with ’Sunda Kanchi’, homemade rice wine.

3. Virudu Nagar, Mutton Briyani with Mutton Brain Fry.

A single biryani can have by 2 people. Order wisely.

4. BBQ Nation.

The best restaurant concept I ever like. It cost about Rs 750 per person for dinner buffet. Served with unlimited starter of BBQ like shrimp, chicken, fish, vegetable, mutton and few more. It will be placed in hot BBQ fire in the middle of our table. Then you can have a variety of full meals as well. Remember, everythings are unlimited. Always busy, you have to book the table at least a day before or you can go and reserve on that day and wait for few minutes or hours depending on your luck.

5. Kai Yenthi Bhavan near Raghavendra Temple in T. Nagar.

All Kaiyenthi Bhawans are not hygienic. Either we eat multi-million dollars corporate’s fake or local’s containment. However please be careful and don’t bet in your health. This stall giving a different kind of feel and joy compared to their taste. Maybe that’s why I love these place. The most cheaper on this list.


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