Trip for Plam Wine

The joy is in the journey, not at the destination – Agilan Lechaman

My Auto driver, Baba Shyam, suggested me to try Palm Wine at the palm village near Andhra Border. Tamil Nadu government running their own alcohol business so they banned all the natural and homemade alcohol drinks. We have no choice to go to Andhra to try it.

He invited another his friend and we took the journey from T. Nagar, Chennai to Pedappannam Gadu at Andhra and Tamil Nadu border.

Somewhere on the way, we bought live duck at market and bought some spices. It almost 4 hours journey, if I’m not mistaken.

Tender weathered palm tree surrounded, friendly villagers welcoming to Pedappannam village. They are in palm wine business for a generation. Many leased the plantation to the third party. They informed that to get wine from the palm tree will take a generation length. We cannot be benefited with palm wine business immediately. We visited a plantation which handled by an old lady, who told all was planted when she was 5 years old, only now she earning from it as a retirement fund.

We gave the duck and spices to another old lady to cook. Another family business here is many selling homes made side dishes and foods. We can give them supplies and request them to cook. Charges about 20 rupees only. We also can request custom-made.

The climb and brought us the fresh wine ready to serve. It’s a new experience for me as I never tried palm or coconut wine in my life and the cooking too was a wonder.


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