It’s My Birthday

This post for everyone who called me after reading my post on Thiruvannamalai and shared their depressions and experiences of the panic attack caused by anxieties. That’s the day I really realized that I’m not alone. Most of them are people who I knew for some years, friends and some of them are celebrities. Everyone seeking solace in someone’s companion, a wiping hand, an adviser or a professional to medicate them. Remember, you have to wipe your own ass. This birthday is to all of you. Hope you can find your solace in your own unique way.

1. Find Your Rewards

I have no plan for this birthday so I google ”how to celebrate your birthday by your own”. Found few interesting links which suggested me few tips. First I did was searched for some membership I had and looked for any rewards. I have a membership with Starbucks, GSC, AirAsia, British Airways, Pinch Of Salt and MPH. Definitely must be a lot more but I don’t remember where I kept my cards. Some will email you, some will text you and some you have to find your own as they themselves don’t know why they offered membership for their customers. Some won’t give you rewards for your birthdays but they might hold points for your spending like airways.

2. Musically

After reviewing all my rewards and amount I have to spend, I decided to go to Brickfields which is about 30km from my home. Not to any international destination 😁😁. Simply because I have no budget. Airways points and hotels points are not enough and the great disappointment was I never used any rewards and points from any of my membership previously as I never thought about it until I visited the links in google.

Charged my Beats, Phone, and PowerBank. Googled for public transport options, timing, duration, and destination. By eliminating all the external sounds with Beats and with 2 hours of my apple music playlist companion, I started my journey.

”Remember, Beats can kill you. It will eliminate almost entirely the external noises and sounds, which can lead you to be careless while crossing roads and junctions. Our eyes and ears are the doorways between the outside world and us. Close and open it when necessary.”

3. Treat

First I went to Starbuck as it is my favorite place. The cashier said I will get my reward of a slice of cake the next day after my purchase. It means I had to visit them yesterday and make the purchase of any drink in order to redeem my reward today. Sorry guys, I don’t have time travel machine 😜 and today is my birthday; I cannot celebrate tomorrow for the sake your terms and condition.

1 complimentary slice of cake with a purchase of any handcrafted beverage during your birthday month
* All complimentary items are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance except birthday privilege which is to be
redeemed within the birthday month
* Complimentary food and whole bean coffee or VIA® Ready Brew is based on non-promotional item only
* Food Reward – Complimentary item can be subject to change

Their terms not mentioning anything about it and I am holding their membership for more than 5 years. This is the first time I try to claim my rewards. I explained to them about their terms and conditions politely then decided just use my balance in the card. Enjoyed hot green tea latte and a slice of cake by thanking the unseen source of energy which keeps beating my heart without electric or battery. I decided to not argue with them on my birthday. I pardoned you, guys. It’s my birthday rewards for you.

4. Movie

Again, GSC told I have to bring the print copy of the email to redeem my free ticket. They have an app, email subscription and mobile number confirmation yet they need a printout and it might be in their terms and condition with a font size of 3, I guess. I thought everyone is against to let me celebrate my birthday on my own. I love you, guys. Anyway, another irritating experience. Accept everything without disappointments.

5. Gift

Went to MPH bookstore to buy a gift for me. I took a resolution to write a new chapter in my life in this birthday, so I searched for the book which can help me to achieve that. After almost an hour I found an inspiring book ”Zero to One” by Peter Thiel. I felt it’s the best gift ever. MPH didn’t disappoint me. They gave 15% discount for my purchase as birthday reward. I proud of you, guys as you proofed that you are educated. 😉

6. Try Your Luck.

Everyone thinking their birthday is somehow a lucky day. So, why don’t we try our luck in gambling, lucky draw or anything which you think it’s depend on luck. I rushed to Sportstoto 2 mins before their closing time and bet on my luck.

7. Show your appreciation, gratitude, and respect.

After investing almost 5 hours, I went to Shirdi Sai Baba center nearby, meditate for 25 mins and did prayer in nearby Hanuman temple. With a great satisfaction and joy, I led to home.

Accept, embrace, conquer and rule with joy. – Agilan Lechaman


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